What is the dream of a baby boy and girl

The question of dreams has been disturbing people's minds for thousands of years. Some believe that the images that come in do not have an effect on life. Others advise you to pay attention to them, considering them tips of the subconscious, answers to questions. There are many dream books explaining the events. What a baby is dreaming of is interesting to find out.

What is the dream of the baby boy

Seeing a newborn in your dreams is a great sign. He talks about the discovery of new opportunities, the right path, the birth of plans, interesting things. A huge number of dream interpretation events explain in their own way, but the similarity is observed in many. If Nostradamus interprets them from the point of view of world problems, then Freud interprets them sexually. There is an esoteric and gypsy dream book, Islamic and Mayan. At the household, living level, events explain:

  • Hasse;
  • Miller
  • Vanga;
  • Of flowers.

Dreams where babies are seen portend positive life changes, solving complex problems. Many comments are given for women with or expecting children. When interpreting what the baby dreams about, a large number of small details are taken into account:

  • to whom it was imagined;
  • in what form was it;
  • what did he do;
  • where was;
  • what was done to him;
  • what he looked like;
  • how many babies were.

Interpretation matters joy, family celebration, amazement if a baby boy dreams. When a man is present in childbirth in a dream, even the most unimaginable ideas are realized in life. Often these visions of boys are interpreted for business. They suggest:

  • successful deals;
  • if the baby is crap one's pants - to receive huge profits without efforts, the more dirty it is, the better the result;
  • pissing - one must wait for disturbing events, but they will be useful;
  • you need to rely only on yourself in order to achieve success;
  • the right decision is to trust in fate, not go against it.


The explanation is highly dependent on the type, nature of the activity, when a baby girl dreams. Often this means waiting for a pleasant surprise, happiness with a successful marriage. The interpretation of dreams with girls is as follows:

  • sick - waiting for sadness, sadness, a possible illness;
  • sad - someone harbored a grudge against you;
  • crying - a disease is not excluded that can be cured with an early visit to a doctor.

To dream of a baby when it is a girl means that your baby will be healthy. If in a dream she:

  • playing with water - wait for joyful events;
  • sits on hands - the implementation of the plan is hindered by problems;
  • while smiling - everything will be resolved safely;
  • dirty - anxieties and troubles, destruction of plans are expected;
  • satisfied - intrigues, disputes are not excluded.

On hands

To lull a newborn in a dream, to hold it in his hands, means family peace, which a person values. When the Mother of God with a child appears in dreams, it is a sign of success and prosperity. Often a baby dreams in her arms for not very pleasant events:

  • to keep your baby - to the unexpected destruction of plans;
  • swing a girl in her arms - a loved one will deceive;
  • keep someone else's baby - a friend will become an enemy;
  • Nursing a baby - awaiting an invitation to a gala event.


The plots in which the kids die have different interpretations - positive and unpleasant. Some dream books explain death as good news, the solution of monetary issues. Others are in danger of financial collapse. When a baby is a stranger, a welcome pregnancy is for couples who could not conceive for a long time. If a dead baby dreams, the meaning of sleep depends on its details:

  • to bury the baby - the person did not find his life plan;
  • see a corpse - a stagnant business situation is expected;
  • dead baby - shock, destruction of plans, disappointment.


To see a little child in their dreams for a woman more often means a pleasant moment, surprises and surprises. This happens to be connected with the life of her and her children. When a woman dreams of an infant, it is interpreted as follows:

  • pregnancy is expected;
  • good news will come;
  • a girl is a symbol of a happy personal life;
  • a boy - to success, the implementation of his plan;
  • lose baby, seek and not find - the emergence of life intractable problems;
  • cheerful, healthy baby - well-being, luck, joy;
  • if she is married, her own children are obedient.

Boy and girl

The appearance in a dream of two heterosexual children speaks of vulnerability in the occurrence of everyday situations, overcoming them in the presence of a positive mood. Perhaps you should listen carefully to yourself. Dreaming of babies boy and girl when expected:

  • the appearance of a feeling of resentment, fatigue from surging problems;
  • the need to be patient with other people's mistakes;
  • for a man - a surprise;
  • a pregnant woman has a mild birth.


In dream books, this dream is interpreted differently. In some such a plot speaks of troubles, troubles and anxieties that can be avoided if you do not enter into conflict situations. When a girl is in dreams, trouble is expected in the future. In other dream books they explain that a naked infant is dreaming - the appearance of:

  • sincerity and purity;
  • the end of a difficult life stage in which difficult trials benefitted;
  • readiness for new business;
  • payback of an unprofitable, at first glance, project;
  • the need to omit the troubling situation.

In a wheelchair

The explanation of the dream in which the baby is in a stroller in a dream depends on the situation that happens. Often predict pleasant troubles caused by unexpected guests. The baby is dreaming in a stroller - such moments are likely:

  • for a girl - a successful marriage, if the boy is the attention of a young man;
  • swing the baby, singing to him - to loneliness, dreary mood;
  • the stroller is in the elevator - amazing changes;
  • the girl in her smiles - to joy;
  • if the child and the stroller are clean, the situation will improve.

Why dream of bathing a baby

Such dreams often have a positive interpretation. To wash a child in a dream means that it is time to fulfill old dreams. Dreaming of bathing a baby - this is interpreted as:

  • a safe exit from a confused situation;
  • welcome emotional relief;
  • remorse;
  • a successful way out of problems;
  • men expect business victories.

What do babies dream about?

In the dream books are numerous interpretations of situations where newborns are present. Often they depend on what happens in a dream. Breastfeeding babies dream - this is explained as follows:

  • if in the hospital, to good changes;
  • a sleeping child - a premonition of vivid impressions;
  • drop the baby - to the loss of life’s goals;
  • swaddle - a responsibility that will help future matters;
  • newborns with teeth - the family will have something unexpected;
  • dressing the baby - health, joy.

When babies appear in a dream, it is often interpreted as happy love, pleasant surprises. A dream can mean caring, new things. There are other clarifications:

  • if the patient sees them, to recovery;
  • the baby crawls - to small confusion;
  • see your own baby - a good end to the work begun;
  • kissing a baby - the onset of a long-awaited pregnancy;
  • Seeing yourself small is a sign of a feeling of helplessness, an inability to defend oneself.

Feed baby

Good predictions in dreams in which the baby dreamed at the time of feeding. Often these are symbols of good luck and prosperity. When dreaming of feeding a baby, the interpretation depends on the situation:

  • if he will suckle, requires support from the environment;
  • to watch how they are fed - you don’t need to blindly trust a stranger - you can be disappointed;
  • mother holds the baby by the chest - luck, happiness will accompany it.
  • to feed with breast milk - an immediate fulfillment of everything conceived.


To see twins in dreams for a man and a woman is a different interpretation. A lot of comments are for businessmen. When twin babies dream, they interpret this in a similar way:

  • for a girl - a state of equilibrium;
  • man - loneliness, emptiness in the soul, a warning about overlapping emotions;
  • to patients - difficulties that can be overcome if efforts are made;
  • for business - career development, success, stability, well-being of the family.

Smiling baby

A positive explanation is given to dreams in which a small child dreamed with a smile on his face. If at the same time he is cheerful, healthy, luck, prosperity, and a happy life await. The smiling baby dreams that:

  • there comes a time of love and happiness;
  • all dreams will come true;
  • positive changes come;
  • wishes come true;
  • inner harmony comes;
  • joyful events are expected;
  • all hopes come true.

To the girl

For a young girl to see a small child in a dream may have interpretations of a different nature. The dream is interpreted as a future immoral life or accusations of indulging vicious leisure. There is another explanation of the dream, where a baby dreams of a girl:

  • in a stroller - to a happy marriage;
  • girl - good news from loved ones, pregnancy in the foreseeable future;
  • twins - a harmonious life;
  • Triplet - a marriage with an unloved man of convenience.

The man

The appearance in a dream of a married man a small child can talk about the imminent replenishment in the family. In many ways, these dreams promise good points. When a man dreams of an infant, it is interpreted so that he expects:

  • successful business, but only after a lot of trouble;
  • the unexpected help of a loved one who was so far away from your affairs;
  • visiting brilliant ideas;
  • positive life changes;
  • quick resolution of a problem situation;
  • a new impetus in business;
  • when bathing a girl - a financial breakthrough.

Alien baby

Promises to get an important job, career growth, if you dream of an unfamiliar newborn, who is nursed. When he rejoices, is in a cheerful mood, one should expect the appearance of a beloved in life. A strange baby is dreaming - it is interpreted as follows:

  • new ill-wishers will appear, dissolving gossip behind their backs;
  • You can not succumb to the provocation of friends trying to take advantage of your good location;
  • if the baby is crying, one must wait for unpleasant news from business partners or close relatives.

Many babies

Seeing a few babies for a woman who recently gave birth means a lot of concern for her baby. According to the comments, Wangi is a symbol of increasing the birth rate in the world. When many babies dream, it is interpreted as:

  • there are many small problems; to solve each of them will require a lot of effort;
  • for an unmarried girl, a dream with triplets is an upcoming life in wealth with an unloved person;
  • if a woman is married, and in a dream three children cry at once - to a decision to resolve a conflict with her husband.


A woman awaiting the birth of a baby is constantly thinking about a future event, so the plot where a pregnant woman dreams of a baby is not uncommon during this period. Often this means concern about the impending motherhood, worries about how the baby is developing, is everything all right with his health. Dreams are interpreted as follows:

  • a boy will dream - childbirth will be easy, the child will appear healthy, later on he will grow up happy;
  • twins - the birth process will pass quickly;
  • wrapped in a diaper - for premature birth;
  • the boy dreamed - there will be a son, and the girl - a daughter.