Strawberry tree - description with photo, how to grow at home

Strawberry tree (Arbutus) is a vast genus of evergreen trees and shrubs of the Vereskov family. This exotic plant was known to the ancient Greeks, but appeared in Europe only in the 17th century. Now among the Crimean flora you can see wild strawberries. With us, this exotic is valued exclusively for its decorative qualities.

Strawberry tree - photo, description

All species of strawberries have a coral red, sometimes brown trunk and twisted branches. An interesting feature of arbutus is that it changes bark every year: the old one gradually falls off, smooth light trunks are visible under it, which is why this tree was nicknamed "Shameless" by the people. The leaves are leathery, saturated green. It blooms with white lantern flowers collected in panicles. The fruits of the strawberry tree are round, after ripening - a bright red color, similar to strawberries (you can verify this by simply looking at the photo of the plant).

Among all species of arbutus, two are widespread: large strawberry (arbutus unedo) and small strawberry or red strawberry (arbutus andrachne). The plant is widely used by pharmacists, because it contains various useful chemicals. Strawberries are also popular in cooking due to the interesting sweet and sour taste.

Large fruited

Like other representatives of its kind, arbutus unedo prefers fertile soils rich in nutrients. Roots and grows better in open sunny areas. Watering requires moderate but regular. Large-fruited strawberries are grown more than other types for internal decor, that is, as a houseplant. The plant is non-frost-resistant, so young seedlings are transferred indoors for the winter.

Small fruited

Wild representatives of small-fruited strawberries are found on the southern coast of Crimea. Among the local population, the plant is also known as the "Spa Woman". Its fruits do not have such a pronounced taste as the berries of arbutus unedo, but are also used by cooks. Having been on a vacation in the Crimea, you can try to collect and dry the fruits of strawberries on your own, so that later you can get high-quality seed for sowing and propagating at home.

Strawberry tree at home

It is unlikely that it will be possible to grow a strawberry tree in the Moscow region - the plant is very thermophilic, the local cold winters with sudden frosts can simply destroy the tree. But it is quite realistic to sow and plant strawberries at home. It is much easier to immediately buy a seedling ready for planting, create favorable conditions for growth and ensure proper care:

  • timely watering;
  • periodic top dressing with organic fertilizer;
  • pruning small, weak shoots to form a beautiful lush crown.

Buy strawberry tree seeds

If you still want to grow some kind of house arbutus from seeds, you need to know where to buy them. You can look for shops in the city that specialize in selling seeds of exotic plants, but it is much easier nowadays to buy the right seeds in an online store. First, view the desired plant in the photo, order and receive in a way convenient for you. Here are a few online stores where you can buy arbutus seeds:

  • Becker - A well-known online store selling elite seeds, seedlings, bulbs from the best selection companies in the world. They have a very large selection of planting stock, plant protection products and fertilizers. The site directory has more than 2000 items. Delivery is carried out by mail throughout Russia. Often there are profitable promotions.
  • Adenium Siberia - A large online store of exotic species of plants and seeds, which offers free growing advice. The office is located in Novosibirsk. It provides several delivery options: by mail, shuttle bus or train through the conductor. It is possible to pay in any convenient way: in cash upon receipt of the goods, by bank transfer from the card, or from the QIWI electronic wallet.
  • Dutch seeds - A large online seed store that operates from the Netherlands. Promise the high quality of planting material from world famous breeding companies. Send orders by mail worldwide. Prices on the site are only in euros. The cost of their goods is significantly more expensive than Russian counterparts. For delivery you will have to pay 15.90 euros.

Price of strawberry tree

Strawberry seeds are offered by a few Russian sites, but it is quite possible to find them. The price of strawberry trees varies slightly, but if you look, you can order planting material relatively inexpensively. Here is a small table to compare the cost of arbutus seeds in several online stores.

Online store


Seed count

Cost of delivery


199 rubles

1 pack (100 gr.)

Depends on the weight of the package and the distance

Adenium Siberia

45 rubles

2 pieces

Registered mail

from 70 to 120 rubles

Dutch seeds


10 seeds


Super garden

500 rubles

Not specified

According to the tariffs of the Russian Post

Your garden

200 rubles

Not specified

Depends on order amount

Strawberry Tree Reviews

Galina, 56 years old Very interested in exotic arbutus as a houseplant. I got the idea to grow a bonsai from it. I ordered several seeds, sowed, waited almost 2 months - nothing. Already despaired, even wanted to throw away, but only now sprouts began to appear. I cherish and cherish them. I really hope to grow at least one tree for myself.
Vyacheslav, 35 years old. I hardly found seeds, bought, sowed, waited for the first sprouts, but did not wait. My wife laughs that such a gardener from me. It's a shame to tears! Previously, all exotics sprouted without problems. What did I do wrong? After all, he strictly complied with the recommendations from a special magazine ...
Tamara, 43 years old I bought immediately a small seedling. The whole summer the plant grew on my street, I forgot about it - it froze a little in November. Frightened, transferred to the loggia - it took a couple of weeks. It continues to delight the eye with emerald leaves. I really want to wait for flowers and berries.

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