How to get rid of midges in the kitchen: where do insects come from and how to poison

Small midges start in the kitchen not only in the summer because of the large amount of fruit on the table. Insects can appear in cereals, flour, vegetables, even in winter. How to get rid of small midges in the kitchen? This question constantly arises among many housewives. There is a solution!

Where do gnats come from in the kitchen

Sometimes it’s so difficult to determine where the midges come from, it all comes down to fighting insects themselves. Most of our compatriots share all kitchen gnats on flies (green, brown, black) and Drosophila. The problem is that the small domestic vulture is much more diverse. Initially, you should decide where the midges come from in the kitchen. Sources can be very diverse:

  1. Ripe and rotten fruits, berries and vegetables. Individuals lay eggs on ripe fruits that begin to rot. When they get into the room, favorable conditions are created for the development of a new generation of insects. It doesn’t matter where the product is stored - in the refrigerator or on the table.
  2. A garbage bin and rubbish where the vacuum cleaner or a mop does not get. The apple core under the cabinet is attractive for midges, as is the fresh fruit. A dirty bucket, a container, a bottle attract them no less.
  3. Drain in the sink. Most housewives believe that their sink is washed perfectly, but in the depths of the drain a large amount of waste constantly accumulates. Over time, if pipe cleaning products are not used, nutritive rot forms for the development of insects.
  4. Neighbors. Man is a social being, and different people live in an apartment building: neat and not very. Even when one apartment is perfectly clean, you can see insects that have flown through the ventilation from less clean owners.
  5. Indoor flowers (land for them). Small earthen bugs can even start in apartments on the upper floors. They are attracted by high humidity, and they easily settle in the soil for plants.

How to get rid of fruit midges

Fruit midges or fruit flies cannot tolerate cleanrooms. This figurative definition suggests that before you take up detergents and dichlorvos, you need to clean up the kitchen. You can do it with folk remedies, but a few simple tips will help get rid of fruit midges without undue effort and avoid the appearance of new insects:

  1. You should find the source where insects wound up and destroy.
  2. Clean the kitchen thoroughly - especially if there are pets or children in the house.
  3. Garbage should be taken out daily and the garbage bin should be washed regularly.
  4. All food should be refrigerated or stored in airtight containers.
  5. The area near the sink must be kept clean.

How to get rid of onion midges

Onion midges start up in onions. This happens due to improper storage of vegetables in bags or sealed packaging, where they begin to dry and rot. If insects started to fly out of them, then you need to sort out the products and throw out all the spoiled ones. You can get rid of onion midges, which tend to multiply quickly, with the help of needles or fleece soaked in essential oil, which must be left next to vegetables. If there are too many insects, then it is worth using household traps for flies and midges.

How to get rid of midges in cereals

How to get rid of midges in the kitchen if they settled in flour or cereal? Larvae and eggs of brown bugs get into the packaging even at the packaging stage by the manufacturer or, if a weighted item was purchased, in a store or on the market. Just as in the fight against fruit flies, you need to sort out all possible sources of infection and get rid of the damaged ones. It will not work to sort and clean them, because insect eggs are extremely difficult to notice.

Storage areas for infected cereals where insects are wound: boxes, containers, bags - all this needs to be disinfected for disinfection and poison the discovered larvae. To prevent subsequent infection, put a bay leaf or a clove of garlic in a container. As an alternative way, you can send food for 2-3 days in the freezer. But getting rid of midges in cereals is almost impossible.

The remedy for midges

You can get rid of midges with the help of store funds. Most industrial products can be purchased in stores, but they have a chemical base and their use is undesirable - allergic reactions are possible (they are poisonous to humans and animals) and more serious consequences. The most popular, common aerosols are Reid, Dichlorvos. To etch insects in flower pots, Aktaru or Thunder-2 is used.


Instead of buying expensive and not always effective household chemicals, you can make do-it-yourself traps for midges. The creation process does not require special technical skills, and the devices themselves are absolutely safe for homeowners and pets. Here are the three simplest recipes for getting rid of annoying insects in the kitchen:

  1. For use, a jar or a bottle with a wide neck is suitable. Inside, you need to pour a little apple cider vinegar (you can add a little banana for the bait), and close the neck with a lid with small holes so that the nest can get inside. The bait helps to catch insects, and they die in vinegar.
  2. The plastic bottle is cut so that the top does not reach the middle of the resulting container. The neck is fixed upside down with tape. Wine vinegar or stewed fruit, which began to sour, with a small amount of liquid soap, is poured into the bottom of the bottle itself. You need to set traps throughout the house.
  3. How to deal with midges in the kitchen, what to do if there are no containers at hand? You can use an ordinary plastic bag. In it you need to put a piece of fruit or vegetable trimmings. When a large number of midges gather inside, the packet is simply thrown away.

How to poison midges in an apartment

You can approach the process radically - to poison midges in an apartment with aerosols like Dichlorvos. The main thing is that at the time of processing no one was in the room, and upon returning home - to ventilate the rooms well. A less radical way is to use incense or essential oils for aroma lamps: ylang-ylang, lemon, vanilla. They successfully fight with flying insects and at the same time fill the room with pleasant and healthy aromas.

Folk remedy

It is easiest to poison midges in a house with proven folk remedies. Helping a growing tomato on the windowsill, boiling clove oil, camphor, verbena - all these smells scare the hen out of the house. An empty soda bottle left in the room overnight will collect most of the flying insects around the house. You can try to use the traditional methods of catching midges: using a vacuum cleaner and adhesive tape.

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