Conditions and methods for obtaining a long-term loan, requirements for the borrower, loan amounts and interest

More recently, in order to lend money for a long time, people turned to friends and acquaintances, and if this was not possible, they went to the bank. To do this, it was necessary to collect a certain number of documents, find guarantors and wait for approval of the application for several days. However, times have changed, and you can get a long-term loan for a period of several months from microfinance organizations (MFIs), which provide loans to borrowers as soon as possible on one application only.

What is a long-term loan?

According to the gradation, loans are divided into short-term, medium-term and long-term. In the banking systems of different countries, the boundaries of these concepts are arbitrary. Regarding loans granted by microcredit companies, this value applies to products that borrowers can use for one or several months. There are organizations that issue microloans for a period of more than a year, but today there are very few.

Some MFIs offer their clients the extension of a loan taken from them for a clearly defined period, but for this opportunity they will have to pay extra, in addition to paying the main debt and interest. Long-term loans can be returned at once or in parts - it all depends on the terms of the contract. If a person needs a loan for a long time - more than a year, you should contact the banks with an application.

How to get money on credit for the long term

It is not difficult to take long-term loans in microfinance organizations, since all the work of these companies is tied to ensure that the borrower receives the requested money, without making great efforts and not collecting a large number of securities. You can contact in person the office of an organization that offers long-term microloans, or you can make a request through the World Wide Web. However, before making the final decision on the choice of MFIs, it is necessary to carefully study the available offers on the market and choose the most profitable one.

At the company office

Some lenders issue long-term microloans exclusively at the office, therefore, if the organization offering the loans is selected, then you can come to the nearest branch, where you can fill out the application. It is considered from a few minutes to several hours, so you can always wait for a decision so as not to visit the office again. It is important to know that if funds were issued directly when visiting an MFI branch, then they will most likely need to be returned there.

Online application

If you have access to the Internet, you can submit a request using any gadget without leaving your home or office. This is convenient because it saves a lot of time. To create an application, you need to visit the MFI website (for example, Kredito24, E loan, OneClickMoney), where you fill out the attached form and confirm your consent to the processing of personal data. There are many services on the network that mediate between a particular microfinance organization and the borrower. When making an application on such a site, an additional fee for portal services is charged.

Production methods

For the convenience of borrowers, it is proposed to take a long-term loan on a card, and it does not matter for the company which bank issued it or which payment system it relates to. If this option is not suitable, you can request funds in cash, but it is important to understand that MFIs may additionally charge a fee for such a service. Alternatively, you can use the electronic transfer to any city or by transfer to an electronic wallet.

Long-term card loan online

If the best solution would be to transfer money to a bank card, you should pay attention to the following suggestions:

  1. Honestly. With one passport, you can apply for money and get up to 30,000 rubles at a rate of 0.65% / day. A loan decision is made within 5 minutes, and the money to the card comes in 5-10 minutes. Clients age is limited to 18-75 years. The loan allowed extension.
  2. MILI. When applying for a loan, the borrower receives a free Corn Card from the Euroset or can transfer money to an existing one. The maximum amount on first appeal will be 21,000 rubles, but on subsequent ones, the maximum will reach 30,000 rubles. The loan rate will be from 0.6 to 6% / day, depending on the loan term. A citizen of Russia older than 18 years old who has a mobile phone, an account in social networks and email can get a loan.

Long-term cash loan

If you need to get money in cash, you can consider the following options:

  1. Zimer. Up to 30,000 rubles can be obtained at a rate of 0.63-2.2% / day. The age of the borrower must be over 18 years. A loan decision is made within a few minutes, since the service operates in a robotic mode. Cash withdrawal occurs when using the Contact translation service 2 hours after the approval of the application.
  2. Loan Center. Money with delivery is offered in the amount of up to 60,000 rubles. The daily interest rate on the loan will be 1.7-2.2%. Citizens between the ages of 22 and 75 can apply for a loan. The review takes place within 2 hours, and money is allowed to be used for a whole year.

To the electronic wallet of payment systems

When paying for services and goods via the Internet, it is convenient to use electronic wallets, for example, such as Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money. The following MFIs work with the payment systems of these companies:

  1. ZAIMON. For active surfers on the World Wide Web who need to pay on the Internet, they offer to loan in the amount of 2000-11000 rubles. The interest for using the loan will be 1.9% at first application and 1% / day for regular customers. Crediting takes place within 5 minutes, and persons with a permanent job at the age from 21 to 63 years can become borrowers.
  2. Vivus. You can get a loan with a maximum limit of 15,000 for QIWI e-wallet within half an hour. The loan rate for the product ranges from 0.99% to 1.5%, and repayment occurs at the end of the loan agreement. The loan is available to any citizen of the Russian Federation over 18 years old.


After the approval of a long-term loan, MFIs immediately offer money transfers to points of money transfer operators immediately to deliver money to any corner of Russia. The following companies work with them:

  1. PLATIZA. An opportunity is given to all who wish to apply for a loan in 3 minutes in the amount of 1,000 to 15,000 rubles. The interest rate for regular customers will be from 0.5%, while for beginners this value will be 1%. Money comes instantly through the Contact transfer system. The term of their use is from 5 to 30 days.
  2. Pay P.S. You can borrow from the organization from 2,000 to 8,000 rubles at a rate of 1.9% / day. Approval of the application takes 15 minutes, and the receipt of money through the Contact transfer system occurs in two hours. The loan term is 6-25 days.

Long Term Loan Terms

The percentage of positive decisions when issuing micro-loans for a long period is high. It exceeds the value of 95%, and, in banks, the number of failures is incomparably higher. Each MFI has its own minimum requirements for the borrower, the terms of the loan and the repayment of funds. Before signing the contract, you should carefully study all of its points, especially those related to penalties, because the price of late payments can be extremely high.

Borrower Requirements

Money may be needed at any time and anywhere, so microfinance organizations do not have any special requirements for borrowers. This explains the fact that among regular and temporary clients of companies one can find not only people with a constant salary, but also pensioners, students, women on maternity leave, and even the unemployed. Age limits are also very arbitrary. Their lower threshold is 18 years, although some companies start issuing long-term loans only from 21-25 years old, as, for example, Webbankir and Turbozyme.

Long-term loans

It is not very difficult to get a long-term loan directly to a card, cash or e-wallet, and the company does not care about its intended use. However, you must understand that you will have to return it with interest, therefore, when choosing a microfinance organization, you should pay special attention to the interest rate and possible programs with loyal conditions for regular customers or newcomers. MFIs practice stocks, such as a zero annual rate for those who are applying for a loan for the first time, or a rate reduction with each subsequent appeal.

Interest rates

The interest on the use of the loan that is given in the advertisement is the daily rate. The annual interest rate is usually indicated only in the contract. The average daily rate is 1-2%, but it can vary in different directions. The annual loan rate reaches several hundred percent, which is important to consider when applying for a long-term loan. The rate can differ significantly from the number of days the loan is used - the longer, the higher it can be.

Amount and term of the loan

Since long-term loans are of great value, the borrower can only rely on a small amount. The upper limit is 30,000 rubles and is provided for a maximum of a month. Such a figure is consistent with the law, and the total overpayment should not exceed four times the size of the loan. However, on the Internet, there are offers with large amounts, but such loans are issued only to trusted and stable customers.

According to the law, MFIs can issue loans of up to 500,000 rubles, but such loans should not have anything to do with microloans, but should comply with standard bank offers and have a lower rate. Beginners do not have to rely on large loans. All that the company can offer them is 3-5 thousand (the so-called liability check), although in some organizations the maximum amount can reach 20,000 rubles, as, for example, in the companies Moneysto, Zaymigo.

How to get a long-term loan

At the initial stage, you need to fill out a questionnaire where you need to provide full information about yourself, including date of birth, passport details, place of work or source of income, address of permanent registration. In addition, you must provide the amount for which the loan applicant expects and the loan term. Then the application is sent to the MFI for a credit history check. If consent is given, money is credited to the indicated account, about which the borrower is informed via SMS. In case of doubt, the company's specialist must contact the client to clarify the data.

Where can I get long-term microloans

Choosing long-term loans in the capital will not be difficult, since both on the Internet and on the street you can find many offers from different companies. The following table provides an overview of the key features of the products of some MFIs:


Amount, rubles

Interest rate

Borrower age, years

Loan terms

Application Review Time

Home money


1.8-2% / day


63-365 days

1 hour

Borrow money


2-2.2% / day


14-730 days

1 hour



0.76-1.85% / day

from 18

up to 18 weeks

15 minutes

Lime loan


0-0.8% / day

from 18

up to 6 months

1-5 minutes

Loan point


1.9-3% / day


360 days

A couple of minutes


up to 30000

0.7-1.6% / day

from 18

up to 3 months

5 minutes

Money will be!

up to 100000

from 0.43% / day


up to 364 days

30 minutes



0.7-1.8% / day


up to 146 days


Home Money


1-1.2% / day



1 hour



0.8-0.9% / day



15 minutes

Debt repayment

The return of borrowed funds, as well as interest for the period of use, occurs in two ways. In the first case, the loan amount and interest are transferred once at the end of the loan term. There is an option when the debt is distributed in fractional parts to several payments according to the schedule, and they can occur at different intervals - every week, once a decade, etc. Some MFIs allow early repayment of debt after a certain time.

Pros and Cons of a Long Term Loan

An important advantage of obtaining a microloan is the quick processing of documents, and the decision is made within half an hour. There are also fully automated services that issue money in 5-10 minutes. In the bank, this procedure takes several days. In addition, to obtain a loan, there is no need to look for guarantors or provide collateral, arrange insurance, etc. Of the shortcomings, it is important to highlight only that long-term loans have a high interest rate.


Oleg, 42 years old. At one point, the son wanted a bicycle, but there was no money to buy. It is good that there was such an opportunity as borrowing money for a long time, since it would not have been possible to pay the debt from one salary. The percentage is a bit high, but since no other documents are needed other than a passport, this completely suited me.
Kristina, 30 years. Long-term loans for me are an opportunity to borrow money for a long period if necessary. No need to cook piles of papers, go to the bank. I went to the site - and after half an hour the money on the card. I constantly use the same company, so the percentage on the loan I have is lower compared to many others.

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