Best Copywriter Websites

One of the most realistic and affordable ways to make money on the Internet is writing articles. Many companies and private entrepreneurs need good texts; not a single information site can do without them. So that beginners and professionals could find work on writing texts, and customers of performers, special sites for copywriters were created.

What are sites for copywriters

For each site, new articles are needed that webmasters can write for themselves or entrust to specialists in this matter - copywriters. For the convenience of interaction between site owners and copywriters, exchanges were created. Here, customers find artists to implement their ideas or buy a ready-made article that is useful for search engine optimization or interesting, and copywriters and rewriters receive orders. Copywriting and rewriting exchanges are guarantors that ensure the security of the transaction between the customer and the contractor, receiving a commission for their services.

Open exchanges

When everyone can register on the exchange, it is called open. For novice copywriters, this is an opportunity to immediately get their first experience and earn some money. Open services offer thousands of orders of any complexity, they are regularly replenished. Some sites for copywriters offer the possibility of more profitable work with the help of pro-accounts, which are accompanied by an extended set of permissions. A paid account is not required to purchase, without them, authors also have the opportunity to earn.

Half open exchanges

To fulfill orders on half-open platforms, you will need to show some of your talents. Before registration, the applicant offers the administration to take a test (often for knowledge of the Russian language), according to which the copywriter gets access to the work. The absence of errors in the test text, a folding syllable, the correct answers to questions on grammar and punctuation - this is a ticket to a semi-open site for copywriters.

Closed exchanges

Copywriters with a good portfolio, a sufficient number of professional skills should try their hand at closed sites. These sites require the skill of the authors, testing it with a test essay, portfolio and resume. Such copywriting exchanges have high requirements, so far not everyone can get through the selection. Without perfect literacy, a successful writing experience here is nothing to do.

Freelance exchanges

The most effective way to find a job for a freelancer is to go to a specialized website where you can get an order and secure the deal. It provides an opportunity to find work for beginners and professional copywriters, translators, programmers. There are many remote work services on the Internet, each of them has its own characteristics, but the principle of their activity is the same: to help customers and contractors find each other.

Best Copywriting Exchanges

A good platform in which there are many buyers is one of the foundations for a decent income by writing articles. Today on the Internet there are many sites that offer, on different conditions, assistance in establishing cooperation between performers and employers. The best copywriting and rewriting exchanges for earnings are a multifunctional service that gives users a wide range of opportunities. Each of the sites has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.


The most famous open copywriting exchange is Advego. Enormous competition and a lot of offers from customers is a real anthill, in which both a novice and an experienced copywriter will find work. The exchange features its own uniqueness, literacy and seo text analysis programs. You can earn here not only copyright, but also rewrite, posting, writing advertising texts, selling finished articles. The copywriter chooses an order that is suitable for cost, subject matter and complexity, performs it according to the requirements of the customer, for which he receives money.

The advantage of the Advego content exchange is the large number of orders available even for beginners, the availability of useful services, a forum and an information base where answers to questions on the operation of the exchange are located. Of the minuses, it is worth noting that it’s not easy to “improve” to good earnings. Due to the high competition, customers set minimum prices.

In the lists where popular exchanges for copywriters are considered, is always mentioned. Access to orders appears immediately after registration. A decent rating and qualification are the parameters that customers are guided by when choosing an artist. To complete expensive orders, you will need a rating of 299 and a successfully passed test for knowledge of the Russian language.

The site is convenient for beginners, active work will quickly lead to higher ratings and a transition to a new level. The exchange has its own uniqueness verification service. You can start searching for orders right after registration, there are a lot of interesting offers, everyone can figure out a clear interface. The main disadvantage is that customers pay a low price for their job offers. Even with large volumes of texts, you won’t be able to earn much.


To register for Miratext, you will need to pass 3 tests to test a good syllable and knowledge of the Russian language. The workflow is simple and straightforward. For 1000 characters, the authors receive different amounts, which depend on the type of work: copywriting, rewriting or seo-copywriting. The task must be completed in a day. Each text is evaluated by the editor. If the average score to 3.5 points is not increased in 30 days, the author will be sent to the ban. Of the positive aspects - the ability to choose topics, decent pay. Of the minuses - increased requirements for the quality of texts.

Another convenient site for copywriters is Own services of uniqueness check, spelling, SEO analysis, the possibility of selling finished content, a small commission of the system attract customers and performers. On the text website, consider the rating system on which access to high-paying orders depends. Highly rated copywriters are available at decent rates. There is no minimum withdrawal amount. Of the minuses of working on the site - high competition, price dumping.


Copywriting and rewriting sites are an opportunity for performers to sell their services, and for customers to fill their resources with unique content. One of the popular resellers is Copylancer. After registration in the system, you can put up ready-made articles for sale, and to complete the task you will have to pass testing. The average price varies from 40 to 60 rubles, which is considered a decent level on text exchanges. In more complex tasks, freelancers can boast an order value higher than the specified level, in order to access them you need to earn a rating.

A convenient service for checking uniqueness, a wide selection of orders for writing materials for filling sites, translations are the merits of the exchange. Another plus is the lack of dumping. If customer reviews about the contractor are positive, then the copywriter's rating is growing, and with it the salary is also increasing. Given that the employer’s assessment is subjective, in some circumstances the reputation of a young performer may be affected.


One of the leaders in popularity among sites for copywriters is the TextSale exchange. The main way to make money on the site is to sell ready-made articles, which you can start immediately after registration. This is one of the free services of the service. To access orders, you need to pay 300 rubles and get a high rating. When withdrawing funds, the minimum amount is 200 rubles. Here you can find regular customers for your work if the quality of the articles is high.

Such article exchanges do not require constant activity to earn money, this project is a good solution for those who work periodically. Texts are not checked by moderators, only by the program for uniqueness. Of the shortcomings of this unusual site for copywriters - there is no guarantee that your article will be sold in the foreseeable future. Some options "gather dust" for years, remaining unclaimed.

Copyright Sites

Not only on exchanges, you can look for work for copywriters. On the Internet, platforms are actively working that enable authors to earn money, but on a principle different from exchanges. These are sites for copywriters, offices or other web resources that may be different. In some cases, this is wide functionality (similar to exchanges) for independent work or through managers. On other sites information about the company, the required service and price is simply posted.

Permanent work with a decent level of payment offers the exchange. This service is designed for experienced copywriters who can cope with the high requirements of the system. Many of the rules of work are offset by decent pay, which grows with the experience of the author. There is no shortage of tasks on the site, copywriters can choose topics for articles themselves. The peculiarity of the site is in career opportunities. The best of the authors can take the post of editor if a vacancy appears.


Not only highly specialized rewriting and copywriting exchanges can offer work on writing texts. Tekstovik is a dynamically developing site for freelancers, on which there is a commercial offer for various profiles, including copywriting. Contractors who have not passed the test are available orders up to 50 p. Copywriter forums claim that the service is convenient for customers, but not performers. Dissatisfaction in the comments causes high demands at low pay.

The new portal on the copywriting market deserves the attention of the authors. It is a cross between content and freelance exchanges. The peculiarity of the service is that there are no obstacles for cooperation between the employer and the contractor directly, although in this case Smart does not guarantee the security of the transaction. Here you can find regular customers and work with them without a system commission. Among the shortcomings, an insufficient number of job offers can be noted. There are few customers (as well as performers) on the site, if you compare them with the giants Advego or

Newbie Copywriting Exchanges

It will be easier to get experience, "get your hand", to get comfortable on the Internet as a copywriter, if you start your career on specialized sites. Beginning authors can realize their writing talent and turn it into real money on any site, but verified exchanges with a large number of customers will be the best start for training and first earnings. Among the sites where it will be easiest for beginners to start, the following can be distinguished:

  • Advego


  • TextSale



Natalia, 32 years old Copywriting for me is an extra income, which I devote a couple of hours a day. At first I worked on several exchanges, but I realized that I wouldn’t increase the rating, so I stopped at Advego. Several customers put me on the white list, providing me with ongoing work. Earnings are small, but stable.
Lyubov, 34 years old. I have been working at for about six months, I am satisfied with the terms of cooperation. Decent payment, permanent work, payment on time without applications. I am glad that the useful resources of the site are expanding - our own uniqueness verification program. The requirements for the texts are high, but you can cope with all the conditions if you carefully study them.
Valentina, 41 years old. In search of a decent income, I tried my hand at many resources. Stopped at the Miratext website. Entering the team was not easy. The tests are complex, even with a philological education it was difficult to answer some questions. After registration, orders became available. The payment is decent, but the conditions are harsh.

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