Cat's Eye: Stone Properties

Stones with the cat's eye color are decorative and semiprecious minerals, the overflow of which resembles the cat's eye, they have strong magical and healing properties, are suitable for representatives of the zodiac signs of the water element. Jewelry made of this stone will become not only an original decoration, but also a charm that can alleviate already existing diseases of the respiratory system and prevent their manifestations in the future.

What is a cat's eye

In the classical sense, cat-stone is a natural mineral called chrysoberyl (cymofan) processed using the cabochon technique. To date, there are other crystals that have a similar overflow. Due to the presence of microscopic voids, a pronounced light strip is formed during the rotation of the mineral. In addition to cymofan, this optical effect is also observed in quartz, tourmaline, scapolite, fibrolite, nephrite and diopside. Sapphire, ruby, beryl, chrysoberyl and tourmaline cat eyes are considered to be jewelry stones.

Among the masters, a quartz crystal with imitation of a cat’s pupil is highly valued. It is not difficult to distinguish a real stone from a fake. Artificial cat's eye often has a brighter color or color, which is rarely seen in nature. The natural mineral is dull. In the dark, such a crystal has a backlighting effect, which enhances the resemblance to the eyes of the feline family. A fake does not possess such a property.

Chrysoberyl cat's eye

The initial name of the cat stone was due to the natural chrysoberyl. The mineral had a yellow-green color and a characteristic running highlight on the surface, due to the presence of microvoids along one of the crystallographic axes. The color of the stone and the effect resembled the iris of a cat's eye. If the name of the mineral is not specified, then chrysoberyl is implied.

Quartz Cat Eye

In nature, a variety of quartz with the effect of a cat's eye is relatively rare. The strip is formed due to the whole system of the thinnest parallel voids or asbestos inclusions. These inclusions grow into the crystal at the time of growth, they can be completely or partially destroyed, but the resulting voids create the effect of a cat's eye. A quartz mineral with this effect is the second most popular treatment, it is also called the tiger's eye.

Origin history

For the first time, the effect of the chrysoberyl mineral was described in 1798 by the French mineralogist, the creator of scientific crystallography, Rene-Just Gayouy. He compared crystal transfusion to a cat's eye. Since then, minerals with a similar effect have been discovered, but chrysoberyl remains the first to be called a cat stone. Deposits of stones are located in Sri Lanka, India, Russia. There are small deposits of cymophan in Madagascar, quartz - Brazil, South Africa, the Czech Republic.

Physical properties

Chrysoberyl got its name because of its golden color, because "chrysos" in Greek means "golden". The color of this stone can be the most diverse. The hue of the mineral is determined by the amount and concentration of impurities. Red color is achieved due to inclusions of titanium, greenish - iron oxide and so on. Among the many colors you can find even blue and blue stones.

The magical properties of a cat's eye

The stone attracts attention, the sympathy of the people around. It attracts mutual love, helps to remain faithful in matrimony, friendship. The mineral is able to endow timid and insecure people with charm, courage, attract the attention of others. This stone is considered a peacemaker, it helps to avoid conflict situations, helps to strengthen relationships within the family, among colleagues at work.

Donated cat-eye jewelry will help teens cope with transitional age, aggression, gloom, and adapt in society. If you give the product to the enemy, then soon his attitude towards the donor may change for the better. The stone gives peace of mind, physical health, protects against conflicts. Since ancient times, such a stone was considered a talisman, reliable protection from the evil eye.


The rich blue color of the mineral gives its owner swiftness, but caution. The character of the owner of the gem resembles a wild forest cat. A blue-tinted crystal is recommended to be worn by timid people to realize their goals, which they could not realize before due to certain fears. The stone gives confidence in yourself and your strengths.


Crystals of a blue shade are intended for "dreamers". Naturally, the gem will not be able to make a poor millionaire or realize another bold dream, but it will push the owner to step in the right direction. Products with blue minerals are suitable for young girls and boys who cherish their dreams with great power. The stone is able to enhance this potential.


Green gems of various shades are often used for medicinal purposes. The green mineral with the cat's eye effect helps treat colds and viral diseases with complications in the throat. If you resort to the power of this gem in time, you can easily eliminate the cause of the disease. Green crystal jewelry is suitable for people with chronic diseases of the respiratory system.


Hearty pink color and jewelry with minerals of this shade will suit people who are vulnerable in the spiritual, emotional plan, seeking to find a soul mate. Amulets with rose quartz, which have the effect of a cat's eye, attract mutual love, give tenderness and mutual understanding in a relationship. For many peoples, this stone is a symbol of love, which leads to marriage and the birth of children.


The white mineral is mainly worn by young women and men as a talisman that attracts luck. The classic white tone of the crystal goes well with other colors, different styles of clothing. In moments of despair, young people turn to him for help. The mineral attracts luck, adds optimism, self-confidence, tomorrow.

The black

Dark shades, including black, are suitable for people seeking power, recognition. Black mineral highlights the leadership qualities in a person, gives confidence, helps to fulfill dreams and achieve goals. Adults need to choose the cat-eye mineral based on their profession. Black crystal is often worn by executives, bosses.


The purple stone combines several magical properties. Shades of red can attract mutual love, romantic relationships. Blue colors help to make dreams come true, direct in the right direction for the realization of goals. The mineral is suitable for dreamy young people who are only embarking on their life path.


Golden colors, browns and yellows help attract wealth. Brown minerals are best worn in the open, not framed by anything, so they have a stronger effect, reveal their magical properties. Varieties of minerals of brown and golden hues are suitable for senior officials, military, high-ranking administrators.

Who the cat eye stone is suitable for

A cat-eye crystal fits all zodiac signs without exception. It all depends on the energy, faith that the owner puts into the mineral. The stone has the greatest influence on watermarks: Scorpions, Pisces, Crayfish. Some astrologers argue that these signs simply need to have this clean crystal or jewelry with it in their collection.

Particular attention should be paid to the stone for female representatives born under the sign of Libra. They are distinguished by femininity, sophistication, attractiveness. The crystal is able to highlight and enhance all of these qualities, which will attract more attention from men. Jewelry with this mineral is suitable for unmarried girls who are looking for mutual love. Unleash the creative potential of the stone will help Taurus and Aquarius.

In addition to protective properties, the crystal has healing properties. He is credited with the ability to treat certain diseases. The stone directly affects the throat chakra, so if you wear jewelry using this crystal, you can cure diseases of the respiratory system, relieve asthma attacks and other chronic diseases. The mineral is able to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

A stone can treat not only diseases of the body, but also mental illnesses. The crystal helps to harmonize with oneself, to heal heart wounds. In addition, a stone with the effect of a cat's eye develops intuition well, suppresses aggression towards others, generally stabilizes the nervous system, improves sleep. It is believed that the mineral is able to generate positive emotions.

Cat eye amulet

Astrologers recommend using jewelry and protective amulets with this type of stone to diplomats, educators, and people with creative professions: artists, musicians, and artists. The cat's eye helps from the evil eye, protects from conflict situations, reveals the depth of personality talent, gives it a special charm. All these magical properties are aimed at the formation of man in society.

It is important to remember that hoping for the help of the stone is possible only if there are pure thoughts. If you intend to use the mineral with malicious intent, then be prepared for the fact that the power of the stone can turn against you. The properties of the mineral are better disclosed in direct contact with human skin. The stone goes well with silver. This precious metal is able to endow the crystal with the properties of a talisman. Since ancient times, a mineral framed by silver was considered a strong amulet, a good talisman against the evil eye.

Jewelry using a cat imitation crystal can be very diverse. Rings, rosaries or pendants are suitable for men and young people; girls - rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets; older women - beads, brooches and more massive earrings. You can buy cameos (a kind of jewelry, bas-relief) from a mineral with the effect of a cat's eye at home.